Gain greater control and transparency of your company spend

Eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets

Free up your employees, so they can attend to business


Expense8 is a simple and user friendly travel and expense management system. We tailor our product to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.

Expense8 provides an easy-to-navigate user interface and core functions that automate the entire reconciliation tasks. All for the benefit of saving you time, effort, and money on the bottom line.

When you become an Expense8 customer, we promise that we will be your champion, whilst being fun, different in everything we do, and deliver a solution that makes a difference to your organisation. Our mission is simple: we want to save your organisation money, let you gain greater control of your expenses, and free up your staff so they can focus on business matters.

Impressive customisation add-ons

We offer customisation options like no other provider, where we focus on adapting your organisation’s needs, brand, and look to the Expense8 system. Our add-ons include:

Modules – finding the right modules that match your organisational needs.

Content – ensuring that content is aligned with your organisational style.

Design – creating a design aesthetic that feels and looks like your organisation.

Support that makes a difference

We understand that our customers have changing needs, which is why we are constantly creating new ways to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support experience. We have ensured that there are support services to everyone’s likening, which include:

Email & Phone: write or call our amazing and always positive Customer Success Team, who are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Written Manuals: read our outstanding manuals that give you a detailed overview of features, functions, and the capabilities of Expense8.

Video Tutorials: watch our fun and simple video tutorials that walk you through product features and functions step-by-step.

Face-To-Face Training: No stone will be left unturned when you book one of our audience-captivating consultants to engage your employees in the Expense8 solution.


Expense8 can work directly with any existing systems and tools you already have in place: Travel Management Company (TMC), Online Booking Tool (OBT), card program, ERP/Finance system, HR solution or payroll tools.



Expense8 has automated as many steps possible, in the reconciliation process, reducing the time you and your employees spend on these activities.


Expense8 provides auto-generated, Business Intelligence Reports, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This allows your finance team to easily report on organisational travel and expense behaviour, and negotiate better corporate rates.


Ditch those paper receipts. With Expense8 your employees can take a photo of receipts and use our attachment function online or in our mobile app.



Expense8 provides a Pre-Trip Approval function that leverages real-time travel costs and availability (airfares, accommodation, and car hire), ensuring that you are always provided with the most accurate costs.


Expense8 includes a highly advanced Per Diem function that automatically calculates and integrates employee level and travel allowance.


Expense8 associates credit card transactions with their pre-approved trips, using relevant trip reference numbers issued by an Online Travel Booking (OBT) tool.